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The problem is that this is the bottom drift wood, I have one more on top of it, anubias grow on both driftwoods and other plants from the both sides of the drift wood.

Amano Shrimp Dying!

I am testing the water, amm is 0, I do regular water changes twice a week. It is 55 gallon with 5 fish in it. What should I do? How long will this amano shrimp decomposing and producing amm? Should I take out the driftwood or just proceed with PWC? If you have an aquarium safe hose, could you use it to suck the shrimp out without causing damage? I would definitely remove it, even if you have to damage plants in the process. Apart from causing an ammonia spike you really don't want any nasty fungus growing in the tank.

I dont have save hose but it wouldn't help anyways because the cave is so narrow, if I remove the driftwood I will probably need to use a needle to try to get it out. If I can't take it out it is deep in this hole should I boil the drift wood?

Wasn't a good idea to bring shrimp into 55 gallon with lots of driftwood! You shouldn't need to boil the driftwood no. I'm not sure. I'm not sure if you've ever kept shrimp before but I have a tank of ornamental shrimp filled with every color you can think ofI just wanted Ro let you know just in case you were unfamiliar with this but the amino will shed his when this happens they will find a safe comfortable space to go until their new skin becomes hard enough to venture out again the old shed will stay in the tank and be eaten by the Amani or other fish this too is ok due to the fact it's a good source of calcium, so he probably had just shed so he was hiding out for awhile.

Enjoy him they are fun to watch. Oh thank you this is an awesome piece of info, I didn't know this! Very very useful info! This explains why he was hiding. This shed skin doesn't produce amm while in tank and not eaten? Because I see some shrimp moult in the same cave which made me think there was another dead shrimp but it is impossible since I have only one amano which appeared to be alive what I see is literally the shell of the whole shrimp including legs and antennae.

Do they shed like this? What actually gets shed when a shrimp moults? Everything gets shed that's why it looks like a whole shrimp and no it won't cause any harm but if its still there after a few days if you can get to it sure take it out but if not don't worry it's only calcium no harm done. I also have red cherry shrimps and red crystal shrimp in my 10 gallon.

Do they shed too? I bought them 2 days ago. Yes all shrimp will shed ESP till they reach their permanent size and they will hide because they are most vulnerable at this point because their new shell has not hardened yet so it makes them easy prey.

I feed them NLS invert and SERA shrimp pellets once and awhile as a treat I give them a few bloodwormsand this is the tricky part shrimp are scavengers so it is very easy to over feed them so be very careful a moss ball in the tank will delight them algea wafers also as a treat once in awhile and if your tank is live planted a hornwort will do them very well.

Plenty of places to hide so they can shed and be safe when doing so. And I feed them every other day depending how much I put in the tank the last feeding. I also have mini cfo's in the tank but they get lobster bits so to make a long story short I feed one good feeding and then wait days because of the amount I put in because I have so many.

Not sure how many you have and if they are in a tank with fish or not if you only have 1 and its in a tank with fish I'm sure he is doing well on the leftover food bits from the fish so just drop in a mossball or 2 and that should be fine. If he is in the tank alone then shrimp appropriate pellets are fine just make sure the food is made to feed the shrimp not made out of it.

I have 2 shrimps amano and red cherry in my 55 gallon, with live plants, drift wood and 5 fish. They have so many hiding places so all they do just hide from me. I can hardly ever see them in 55 gallon. I end up thinking they probably died but they appear suddenly to prove they are alive and hide for another week.

And I have 3 shrimps 2 red cherry and 1 crystal will be getting more shrimps today in my 10 gallon with live plants, drift wood, mossball and fish.Aquarium Calculator. Aquarium Photo Contests. What's new Trending New posts New photos New articles. Photos New photos Search photos. Log in Register.

Search titles only. Forum Rules. New posts. Search forums. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Amano Shrimp Dying! Messages 5 Reaction score 2 Points 3 Experience 2 years. HI everyone I have a 15 gallon fluval flex, with endlers and guppies Two of my shrimps died in the last two days I don't get it. All my readings are fine 0 nitrite 0 nitrate 0 ammonia ph 7. Even if nothing on my readings was wrong, I did a big water change yesterday but one was dead when I came back from work today.

Should I buy a copper reading test? Any ideas??? Messages 4, Reaction score 3, Points Experience 3 years. Driftwood is good for shrimp. When did you get them, and where from? How did you acclimate them? Do you have plants? Brittni Valued Member. Messages Reaction score 72 Points 63 Experience 2 years. I wiped out an entire tank full of amanos from liquid cO2 for my plants.

amano shrimp died and turned pink

Messages 1, Reaction score Points Experience 5 to 10 years.Share on Facebook. Pinit on Pinterest. Share on Twitter. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel. An Amano Shrimp can be described as a spirited inhabitants of a tank. They are great swimmers, and are always on the lookout for food. An Amano Shrimp can be kept in tanks of nearly any size as long as the regular rules of fish count are followed.

Be mindful not to overstock.

amano shrimp died and turned pink

Amano Shrimp produce waste and tax an aquatic environment just like every other living organism in a tank. Amano Shrimp like being in a habitat with lots of live aquarium plants that provide them with interesting places on which to climb. They also seem to get a charge out of swimming from plant to plant looking for different places to explore, perch or hide. But in the pet store, Amano Shrimp size is often about an inch in length, or a little less.

Buying smaller shrimp is fine because they will mature and grow quickly. Small does not necessarily mean undesirable or unhealthy. Caridina Multidentata can grow relatively quickly in an an established healthy aquatic environment. An Amano Shrimp color is generally translucent light grey, They can also be translucent with shades of green, light brown or light reddish-brown.

Amano Shrimp color characteristics also include the many solid dots and dashes that run the length of their bodies. These dots and dashes can be grayish-blue or reddish-brown in color. Amano Shrimp also have a narrow lighter stripe on their topside running the length of their bodies, as well as two large eyes, relatively long antennae, long nimble legs, and a wide translucent tail.

Luckily, Amano Shrimp care is relatively effortless requiring little hands-on attention.Forums New posts Trending Search forums. What's new New posts Latest activity. MFK Forums. Tank Calculator. Log in. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. New posts.

Search forums. Amano shrimp lifespan? Thread starter ozziegt Start date Oct 24, Forums Freshwater Topics Freshwater Invertebrates. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Mar 29, 33 0 0. How long do amano shrimp live? I have had mine for about 18 months and one of them is looking a little pink and moving slowly. Just wondering if it is dying from old age or from my negligence of the tank.

The other one is looking fine. Squawkbert Senior padder. Oct 3, 3, 0 36 56 ST. L area www. Could be getting old - I recall reading that they don't go too much past 18mos.Moderator: Mustafa. Privacy Terms. Skip to content. Quick links. New amano turned white inside and died in a few hours time This is an archived forum with lots of information. However, new posts are not allowed at this point. Well, I just bought 5 amano shrimp 2 days ago and added them to a 38 gallon heavily planted tank that already had other shrimp in it.

The new shrimp were all very active when I added them, right up until this morning.

Why has my amano shrimp turned a red/orange colour??? in my aquarium.?

Then I noticed one being very listless and lathargic, and not eating with the others. Within hours it had gone white inside and died.

The others all seem very well still eating voraciously, swimming, and my cherry shrimp There was one acting odd when I added it to the tank I assume that may have been the same one. There are new plants in the tank I just added wisteria, asian ambulia, watersprite, and hornwort 2 days ago as wellbut I washed them very well first.

I could tell the watersprite was grown emersed though The ammonia and nitrite are 0ppm, and the nitrate is maintained around 10ppm with fetilizers.

Amano Shrimp Care, Feeding, Algae Eating, Size, Lifespan – Video

I was told that this would be safe for shrimp that is a priority since I have had amano shrimp, cherry shrimp, and tiger shrimp in the tank. Is there any way to tell if this is going to be an ongoing thing? Is there something I need to do to ensure their safety? I have never seen the one I already had do this.

They are using their front legs to scrape their heads like a cat does when it is washing, and using back legs to scrape their backs. Is this normal and I just never noticed it or is there something wrong with these shrimp too? Could this be the reason? If so, how can you have a plnted tank with shrimp in it?

The other shrimp seem fine now though I think that one may just have been in poor condition at the store they were wild caught accroding to the employee I spoke to. The others are active and eating well. Like I said, I have never seen that behavior before, but I may just never have looked close enough.Log in Register.

amano shrimp died and turned pink

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Amano Shrimp - mysterious death. Thread starter charley Start date Jan 19, Joined Oct 26, Messages 7 Reaction score 0. Hi Guys I found one of my amano shrimp dead yesterday which was v sad, but what was v disturbing was that it had turned pink and was no longer translucent it seriously looked like it had been 'cooked'.

I am completely freaked out. All the rest of the fish seem fine, but my other shrimp are now looking abit poorly. Any ideas? Thanks for your help.One of my ghost shrimp have died and turned a milky orange colour. I was wondering if that's natural, or if it might have been sick? These were the best pictures I could take, once it was removed from the tank and out for no more than 2 minutes it started to crumble.

This is the first time any of my shrimp have died, they've all been healthy and I haven't seen any strange activity. What color were the shrimp when they were alive?? Were they clear normal ghost shrimp? Sometimes the dead shrimps turn color when they die, but i haven't seen a dead ghost shrimp turn color when dead.

They were clear, yes. I've been doing research on this matter and I have found a lot of people saying that their clear shrimp have turned pink or light orange when they die. However, I can't find any explanations as to why they're doing that. Some people say that maybe they die from the light being on all day, and others say that the light has nothing to do with it.

In your opinion, is the light a problem with ghost shrimp, does it scare or hurt them in any way? The light should be turned off at night though, as the tank needs a certain amount of light and darkness.

What are your parameters?? Do you test for general hardness as well? In addition to good parameters they need calcium as well. M y A quarium C lub. Ghost Shrimp dead, and Orange? By Bump3rFish2 years ago on Freshwater Invertebrates. Thank you for replying to my post.

I appreciate it. Those may interest you: Can ghost shrimp, cherry shrimp and blue velvet shrimp live together? Pregnant ghost shrimp. Growing and breeding Ghost shrimp. How to hatch ghost shrimp eggs. And is laying on back only moving legs re What are the differences between Amano Shrimp and Ghost Shrimp?

How do you tell the difference between a male and female ghost shrimp? Cherry Shrimp - one of the most popular pet shrimp. Thinking of getting ghost shrimp in my 2. How can you tell if a ghost shrimp is female? Are ghost shrimp asexual?

amano shrimp died and turned pink

Is this a dead Ghost Shrimp and I should scoop it out? Whisker Shrimp vs Ghost Shrimp. How can i tell the gender of my ghost shrimp. What are the differences between amano shrimp and ghost shrimp? Ghost shrimp or macro? Thought i had purchased ghost shrimp a few days ago Ghost Shrimp.